Announcing SEVEN DH sessions at ASEEES 2016

We are pleased to announce that the following 7 sessions have been accepted for the 2016 ASEEES Convention, November 17-20, Washington, D.C. You can read about this convention from our partners, they provide content articles for sale, among a large amount of information you will definitely find something that you will like and that will meet the evaluation criteria.

DH 1: Mapping and GIS in the Slavic and Eurasian Humanities
Chair: Seth Bernstein, Higher School for Economics, Moscow
Sofia Gavrilova (Oxford/Memorial Center)
Kelly O’Neill (Harvard)
Michael Połczyński (Georgetown)

DH 2: Digital Platforms
Joan Neuberger (UT-Austin), Editor, Not Even Past; Co-Host 15 Minute History
Yelena Kalinsky, Managing Editor, H-Net Reviews
Andrew Janco (U Conn), Senior Managing Editor, Dissertation Reviews.
Amy Nelson, Content/Web Developer, 17 Moments in Soviet History
Ruth Lorenz (Tulane), Editor, Луч света

DH 3: Digital Eastern European Studies: The Creator-User Interface
Chair: Ulf Brunnbauer (U Regensburg)
Martin Schulze Wessel (U Munich)
Gudrun Wirtz (U Munich)
Peter Haslinger (Herder Institute)
Piotr Wciślik (Polish Academy of Sciences)
Jessie Labov (Ohio State)

DH 4: Seeing Through Data: How Does Digital Humanities Change Our View of Culture?
Chair: Ellen Rutten
Bradley Gorski (Columbia)
Tom Ewing (Virginia Tech)
Alexey Golubev (U of British Columbia)
Carlotta Chenoweth (Slavic Review Data)
Philip Gleissner (Princeton)

DH 5: Computational Poetics: Digital Approaches to the Analysis of Rhyme, Meter, and Text Length
Chair: David Birnbaum (U of Pittsburgh)
Tatyana Skulacheva (V. V. Vinogradov Institute of Russian Language, RAN)
“Determining Stress in Russian Classical and Non-classical Verse”
Oleg Anshakov (Russian State U for the Humanities)
“Automatic Recognition of Classical Russian Meters”
Sergei Liapin (Saint Petersburg State); Alexander Levashov (Russian State U for the Humanities)
“Is the Rhythm of Russian Iambic Tetrameter Actually Determined by the Law of Regressive Accentual Dissimilation?”
Discussant: Elise Thorsen (U of Pittsburgh)

DH 6: Locating Text and Image in the Digital Humanities
Chair: Piotr Wciślik (Institute for Literary Studies, Polish Academy of Sciences)
Elena Prokhorova (William and Mary) and Tom Elvins (U Pittsburgh)
“Cinema and Memory in St. Petersburg:Using Computational Methods to Analyze Oral History Interviews”
Jenya Mironava (Harvard)
“Walking, Reading, and Writing the City in Nabokov’s ‘A Guide to Berlin’”
Katherine Reischl (Princeton) and Thomas Keenan (Princeton)
“Pedagogy of Images: The Visual Languages of Soviet Children’s Books (1917-1953)
Discussant: Alexander Prokhorov (William and Mary)

DH 7: Digital Humanities in and out of the Classroom
Chair: Jessie Labov (Ohio State)
Marijeta Bozovic (Yale University)
Jill Martiniuk (University of Virginia)
Kathleen Thompson (University of Virginia)
Amy Nelson (Virginia Tech)