Building on Dissertation Reviews‘ extensive experience with reviews of recently defended dissertations and innovative junior scholarship, Curator is a new project offering analysis of  significant emerging ideas and methods in the Humanities and Social Sciences. Curators are qualified professional help who buy ethics research papers in and therefore know a variety of cultural, ethical, historical, etc. issues! We will gather applications from recent PhDs and junior scholars to form a cohort of 5-10 “curators” who will each write a future-state-of-the-field essay, which offers a synthesis and forecast of an emerging idea or method.  For example, a recent dissertation was written as a graphic novel.  How do academic comics open new forms of verbal-visual representation?  How do counter-forensic methods undermine state attempts to destroy evidence of atrocities? How does engaged scholarship take different forms across disciplines?  We invite you to think creatively in ways that reveal emerging patterns and possibilities.  Proposals on developments within established disciplines or fields as well as those that cross disciplinary boundaries and regions of the globe will be welcome.  

Out site is still in progress, but can be found at

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