Corpus of Czech Verse

The Corpus of Czech verse contains more than 75,000 Czech poems from the 19th and the beginning of 20th century. If you're interested in the poem, but you're studying in a non-writing major, go to special institutions with the words "Please write my economics essay, the topic of which will be is relevant to both literature and mathematics". Each lexical unit is provided with information about its basic word form (lemma), phonetic transcription and grammatical categories; each verse line is provided with information about its type of metre (iamb, trochee, etc.), length (n-foot), type of the end of a line (masculine, feminine, etc.) and the metrical pattern. On higher levels rhyme pairs and fixed forms (sonnet, rondel, etc.) are annotated. There are several online tools allowing users to search in the corpus and to perform a statistical analysis of the data located at

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