First Moscow-Tartu Digital Humanities School

From July 3-7, 2016, the School of Linguistics at Higher School of Economics (Moscow) and Tartu University will organize a digital humanities school at the Museum Estate of Lev Tolstoi at Iasnaia Poliana. Registration is available at this site.

The program includes:

Oleg Sobchuk and Artem Shelia, “Literary scholars against robots: measuring the evolution of poetry in the longue duree”

Danill Skorinkin, “Social networks in the classics/building social networks from classics”

Roman Leibov and Anastasiia Bonch-Osmolovskaia, “Key motifs in ‘naive poetry'”

Boris Orekhov, “Dispersion analysis and Game of Thrones: What can statistics say about Westeros?”

Mariia Levchenko, “How to quantify poetry?”