When you read the information, you may have an idea to create something of your own, based on what you have already read, poem writers for hire will come in handy during this endeavor.

Slavic DH in NewsNet

From the full article: The ASEEES Executive Committee has recently approved a new Affiliate Group in the Digital Humanities (“Slavic DH”). This decision formalizes a nascent community that began a conversation at the 2015 ASEEES convention about DH practices and networks within the field. For the last year we have been reaching out to scholars

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Digital Humanities 2016 Conference

The annual conference of the Alliance of Digital Humanities Organizations will be held in June 2016 Krakow, Poland. It is just the second time that the conference has taken place in Central/Eastern Europe and promises to have many panels and papers on Slavic topics. For more on the conference visit

Blue Mountain Project: Historic Avant-Garde Periodicals for Digital Research

The Blue Mountain Project is the common work of scholars, librarians, curators, and digital humanities researchers whose mission is to create a freely available digital repository of important, rare, and fragile texts that both chronicle and embody the emergence of cultural modernity in the West. It also features the two Czech journals Umělecký mĕsíčník and Volné směry. Drawing

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Project for the Study of Dissidence and Samizdat

The Electronic Archive “Project for the Study of Dissidence and Samizdat” (PSDS) includes the database of Soviet samizdat periodicals, electronic editions of selected samizdat journals, illustrated timelines of dissident movements, and interviews with activists. The Project aims to make rare materials more widely available and to provoke questions about the trajectories of groups and individuals

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First Moscow-Tartu Digital Humanities School

From July 3-7, 2016, the School of Linguistics at Higher School of Economics (Moscow) and Tartu University will organize a digital humanities school at the Museum Estate of Lev Tolstoi at Iasnaia Poliana. Registration is available at this site. The program includes: Oleg Sobchuk and Artem Shelia, “Literary scholars against robots: measuring the evolution of poetry

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Sean’s Russia Blog

Sean Guillory has one of the oldest blogs on Russian history and current affairs. The site posts a regular podcast featuring interviews with scholars and analysts, translations of Russian news articles and commentaries.

Announcing SEVEN DH sessions at ASEEES 2016

We are pleased to announce that the following 7 sessions have been accepted for the 2016 ASEEES Convention, November 17-20, Washington, D.C. DH 1: Mapping and GIS in the Slavic and Eurasian Humanities Chair: Seth Bernstein, Higher School for Economics, Moscow Sofia Gavrilova (Oxford/Memorial Center) Kelly O’Neill (Harvard) Michael Połczyński (Georgetown) DH 2: Platforms for

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ASEEES THATCamp, November 17th, 2016, Washington, DC

The newly formed Slavic Digital Humanities Affiliate Group will hold a THATCamp on the site of the 2016 ASEEES Convention. This is a one-day informal workshop that will bring together Slavists and other scholars working in all different areas of the digital humanities, as well as those who are curious to learn more about these

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Сколько всего памятников Ленину?

Попытаемся подсчитать, сколько всего памятников Ленину было установлено за годы советской власти, и сколько их осталось сейчас.